Sunday, June 29, 2008

Date for the Diary

Hah, blogs are like busses, none for ages then two turn up at once.

Anyway , Just a reminder that the anual festival of burnt meat takes place at chez Rich on Sat 9th August, kicking off about 2 ish. Should you find yourself wandering aimlessly in the Telford area about then do drop in.

As you can see I am finally getting round to restoring my links. And by a masterpiece of cutting and pasting it appears that your either in there twice or not at all. Hmm. This is simple incompetence & not a measure of my love for you.

dumty-dumpty-dah-dah-dumpty (recognise the tune?)

Seems like ages since I blogged.
Because it is.
Work is actually making me earn my living at the moment and that, alongside my alcohol consumption commitments at the crown, leaves precious little time for blogging.

Still, I'm here now. And have just liberated 2 packets of Nerds from the mystical sweetie pile at work. Anyway, I had fun making red and yellow asteriod fields across my desk & then hoovering them up through a biro tube. And I am now experiencing a serious suger rush. There are also lots of little red & yellow marks across the printed outputs I'm supposed to be checking. ho hum.

And on the subject of nothing much in particular, yesterday I ate an entire pineapple. And I find my self wondering how many pineapples you need to fill one of those little bottles of pineapple juice.

Monday, June 09, 2008

sunshiney day

yesterday I was clearing what will eventually be my vegtable patch and I spent too long in the sun, or got stung by too many nettles. Either way I came over all peculiar in the evening. It was a strange and unpleasant feeling.

but today I am well. Weller than usual for a monday since I didnt go a drinking sunday night.
and I poped home lunchtime to mow my lawn.
A multitude of frogs were sitting on rocks around pond 2 sunning themselves. And one was actually sitting on a lilly leaf in a rather cliched fashion.
Anyway, I decided the pond needed topping up and put the hose on. And I must have broken the surface tension or something because the lilly leaf slowly sunk. And the frog just sat there, going down with his ship. Now its dificult to read frogs expresions but I think mildly disgruntled is about right.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

the sound of breaking glass

Its a lovely day and I'm mowing the lawn.
And there is a stone.
which fires out at huge speed, narrowly missing my leg.
Well guess I was lucky, hey?
actually, no. Because they fix legs on the NHS.
Unlike hugely expensive patio windows.

Some serious sulking followed.