Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hooray for spring

Its spring. And eveything grows apace at chez rich. Well, I say everything. Nettles mainly. Being away means the yard has been a bit negleted. My seedlings in the greenhouse are just not growing. I'm not sure why. I can't think that my presence makes that much difference. But just in case I spent an hour in the greenhouse yesterday cheering them on. I even made a little growing song...

grow. grow, grow up big and stong,
grow, grow, it shouldnt take this long,
grow, grow, grow up nice and tall,
grow you little F***ers or I will compost you all.

Ok, its not shakespeare, but a suitable combination of encouragement & threat I felt. Lets hope they get the message. Something has eaten my runner bean and marrow seedlings. All of them. I dont think its slugs as I pellet heavily. I know, I know, and outside I am organic. But in the greenhouses I pellet & spray. So if its not slugs I'm thinking mice. So I am going to get a humane trap. But, working away all week means that its not exactly that humane. Still, I'm sure that mice can go for days without food & water... or is that camels? God, I hope I've not got camels in the greenhouse.

I also created a swamp area in the wildlife area for some water Iris and marsh marigolds and thinned the vegitation in the wildlife pond. The pond is heaving with tadpoles at the moment so should have a good crop of frogs to thin the slug population a bit. And there are a few bumble bees buzzing lazily between the primroses. I saw my first butterfly of the year and the blackbirds are decidedly frisky. Yes, its spring and its good.

Too tall to shave

Hotel living is taking its toll. I split my work trousers last week. It appears the only vagely smart trousers I can still get into are my funeral suite or my pimp trousers. And the latter, which I'm wearing to work, are a little snug. I have to undo the top button to sit & the site of a pretty girl in a short skirt bending left me singing like a choir boy for several days.

Still they keep giving me huge suites at the hotel. But last weeks was disabled friendly. So the sink is two foot from the floor. Which is doubtless great if your in a wheelchair. But if your 6'2" you have to kneel to shave. And I have bad knees, so I'm growing a beard. On the plus side, there was a seat in the shower.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

big room

I’m working away. And I have the biggest hotel room ever. Two king sized double beds, 3 wardrobes, a settee and still its sparsely furnished. I so wish I had bought a set of bowls.
Big hotel room.
Big, Big, biggest hotel room.
16 meters from door to balcony.
As you can probably tell, I am sadly excited by this fact. It rather demonstrates the sad depths to which my non life has fallen.