Friday, August 31, 2007

All change, all stay the same

I work for a big multinational company. As such we are constantly being restructured. I don’t mind. It creates jobs for a whole team of senior managers & only has a minor negative impact on the day to day functioning of the company. But now we're apparently going to be Applications Services Business Operations and Applications Services Delivery Assurance.


Says it all really.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


So the A levels are out. Grades are up. And the usual whiners are claiming that A levels have got easier. Which is, quite frankly, bollocks. Each year every expert, every examining body, every government commission, assures us that A levels today are equivalent to those of yesteryear. The grades improve for two main reasons. Teaching has improved. No doubts. And a big up to the teachers. And today’s youths just work harder than we did. Yup really. Ok, I was a particularly lazy student. (Not my fault. Its some weird recessive gene, honest). But I don’t recall that any of us worked as hard as today’s students seem to. So congratulations one & all.

But does too much learning make Jack a dull boy? Is it learning subjects at the expense of learning life? Are today’s teenagers missing out? Being seventeen should be fun after all. It surely was for me. I don’t know the answer to that. But here’s a thought. Perhaps Universities should also give points for scout badges. Or some sort of extended Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. A DofE gold being equivalent to a C grade A level maybe. Just to make sure our geniuses are also people.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Goodness gracious – no balls of fire

So the boy Fulla & I went on a little twenty mile cycling jaunt last night. Hmm. My sloth like existence & general decrepitude meant that it was not a pretty site. Suffice to say that I finished a long while after Mr F. At the Crown. Where I played Poker. And despite lady lucks best efforts, exhaustion & alcohol combined to make me play my fine hands like a prize cretin. Ho hum. So I staggered up the hill at closing time (pushing the bike) & sat on my front porch. Because low in the northern skies the Perseid meteor shower should be happening. And fell asleep. So I awoke some hours later, totally unable to feel my legs. Meteors seen = 0. Mosquitoes fed = lots.

So now I am at work. Looking and feeling my best. And I have some stuff to do. Some difficult stuff. And I look at it. And look at it. And its really not making a lot of sense. But I read on the net that having a pot belly seriously increases your chances of heart disease. So at least there is a real hope that I won’t live to see my deadlines. A strangely cheering thought right now.

Friday, August 10, 2007

go down gambling

First it was outrage as super casino's were, and then were not, coming to the UK. Now evil gambling firms are going to be able to advertise on TV. And were all going to gamble our lives away.

Lets be clear. I hate TV adverts. All of them. I refuse to watch them. Turn over as soon as they appear. Dont come into my home & try & sell me stuff. Your worse than cold call double glazing salesmen. All hail the glorious advert free BBC. Advertising on childrens channels is particularly abhorent & should be banned. But then, parents who let their children watch TV all day should be horsewhipped.

But why pick on gambling? Heart disease is this countries biggest killer & were surrounded by obese children yet we let Burger King advertise freely. Ok, Gambling is potentially adictive. But so is shoe shopping. I went out with a girl who spent most of her income on shoes. Had more shoes than she knew what to do with. Had to go shoe shopping everyday. Clearly a shoe shopping addict. Was there a demand to remove Clarks from the high street. Did Adidas get banned from our TVs?

Either allow advertising (and consumerism is unfortunately king, so I think you have to) or Ban it. Dont pick and choose. So yes, let the Gambling companies advertise. After all, the alcohol boys do, and thats as addictive and destructive. And Heroine & cocain? Brothels? Sure, if you legalise them first (and you should). Big tobacco? By all means. Even, reluctantly, McDonalds.

Its our money & our choices. And if your as intelligent and beautiful as Old man Rich you'll simply turn off your TV and get a life.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

pond news

My Friend Cabij is a headmistress at a primary school (never ceases to amaze me). Over the last couple of weekends I have been putting in a wildlife pond at her school. I have to confess I made her hire someone to dig the hole. Its starting to take shape. Once she gets the edge slabbed (again, qualified profesionals required - I'm to old to lift slabs any more) I will go back & prod it some more. (Part of my ongoing campaign to turn all children into friends of the frog).

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Saturday saw the anual Barbie at chez rich.
Many thanks to all those that came.
Its a little hazy in my mind but I trust a good time was had by all.

Walts piccies are here...

Week of horror

Ah Joy.
Last week I had my nephew & neice for the week.
And now they have gone home again.
And a wonderful silence has returned to Chez rich.

On Sunday we built these lego fire boats. Unfortunately Uncle rich put the batteries in Emma's motor the wrong way round and it only sailed backwards.

We also built secret bases & vehicles to take over the world with. Mine was the best, but in a travesty of judging by Gaz I came last. (bitter, me?)

On Monday we took (due to a slight navigational error by OMR) a five mile hike to the town park.

On tuesday it was RAF Cosford. (Its Free - Hooray). Then as much as you can eat buffet at Big wok & a visit to Birmingham fish market.

On Wednesday Granny came over & we went to Enginuity. Lots of fun stuff in there.

Thursday was the regular trip to the Safari park. Lots of scary rides. To the man who saw lots of teenage girls in white T shirts & thought 'I'm gonna build me a log flume' my deepest respect.

On Friday Phil & Sue came up & I gleefully returned Matt & Emma to their owners. My other Nephew Harry learnt how to hunt frogs.