Monday, July 28, 2008

Just drinking beer & watching the world pass by

So I’m sitting in a pub in Newcastle. Looking out of the window, which overlooks a pedestrian crossing. And three little girls dressed as cheerleaders turn up and wait to cross. I guess they are five or six, full red cheerleaders outfits including tinsel pompoms. Disgustingly cute. And then a fire engine comes along, and although the lights are green it stops & the driver waves the children across. But the crossing still shows the red man. And one little girl clearly thinks they should cross. An one little girl isn’t crossing until the man goes green, And the third little girl is clearly just thinking wow, there’s a fire engine, and is waving at the firemen. Who are laughing and waving back. Fortunately, the man turns green & the three girls hold hands & cross the road. And when they get across a fireman leans out and says something, I cant hear what, but the girls are giggling & waving & the fire engine beeps its horn & drives off, all the firemen waving.

Ten minute later two very attractive young women approach the crossing. Late teens, early twenties, visually pleasing. One is wearing a long white skirt. A gust of wind lifts her skirt and I get a pleasant flash of tanned thighs and white thong. And somehow her skirt gets caught in her earring. So she’s screaming and flashing her knickers to the world whilst her friend is creased up with laughter.

Sometimes life is just good.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

it could be worse

Two Massive Days for English Cricket on Friday & Saturday, With England amassing a glorious 593 dec & South Africa forced to follow on.
And today (Sunday) I should be in Glorious sun kissed Lords with my Bro & Pa. Unfortunately I have to work & so my Nephew has my ticket.

Still, although I am less than grutled, Its is some small recompense that today SA are 88 without loss and, in possibly one of the most boring mornings cricket ever seen in averaging under 2 an over.

bad luck Mattie....

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

34FF – Blimey!

I have a couple of bat boxes in my garden. And a huge supply of midges. But no sign of any Bats wanting to come and live at chez Rich.
But now I learn that Bats want something a little more comfy ...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dink & James

Dink & James got washed up on the british coast this winter. They are a couple of young loggerhead turtles, not designed to function in the sort of temperatures you get in British waters. Remarkably, they got fixed up & packed off on a one way trip to Gran Canaria & released back into the wild.

Ok Ok, so its probably not cost effective conservation & Dink & James will probably choke to death on a plastic bag soon but still, nice.