Sunday, January 17, 2010

To Dave or not to Dave

So that nice multimillionaire Mr Cameron tells me I don't need money to raise a child. All you need is love. And, obviously, to make sure that nanny tells nursie to remove the silver spoon from babies mouth before feeding.

Still, I find myself agreeing with tax breaks for married couples. Obviously, anyone reasonable includes civil partnerships and living together as if you are married, as we're a secular state. But, it seems reasonable that if one of you is a full time domestic and/or parent and is being supported by your partner rather than claiming huge amounts of benefit then you could share your unused tax allowance with your partner.
And good ol' David is going to implement this.

Ahh, no. My mistake. Dave would 'like' to do this. (provided your actually married and not some hideous queers or disgusting hippy couple) But he isn't actually going to do it.

So, Gordon Brown would like to end world poverty, combat global warming, massively fund public services and make Britain a global economic powerhouse but can't actually do it.
Dave C would like a tax break for married couples but can't actually do it. Talk about aiming high...

As I walk down the hill I pass a huge poster of a heavily airbrushed David Cameron looking down with a strangely bland expression. And I have this huge desire to spray paint the words "This man is a complete F***witt" across it.
Remarkably, as I proceed back up the hill after several pints I do not forfill this desire. With age comes wisdom. Or possibly apathy.


Blogger Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

We all hate Dave.

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